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   Animated series based on  story by   the Swedish author Selma Lagerlöf. 

  Nils is a normal farmers boy, until one day he is turned into a miniature boy. Now Nils is as small as the animals around him, he discovers he can talk to them. That's how he gets to know his new best friend: Martin the goose. Together they have the most amazing adventures.

Along the road, Nils will have to learn to come to terms with the rules of the community of the wild geese,
led with an iron foot by Akka, the experienced yet somewhat eccentric old goose. Athanor granted Nils with the ability to understand the language of animals.
But what are Athanor’s true intentions? The mysterious elf seems to have more important plans for Nils:
to have an ally to block the dangerous Black Elf’s schemes.


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